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Woodworking can mean different things to different people. For some it is an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles. For others it is a source of stress relief. For many of us, it is a connection to our past or our families.

Woodworking can be challenging, but many people also find it incredibly relaxing. For many it is much more than a hobby, it is a way to stay sane. From depressed individuals to veterans with PTSD, woodworking has the potential to help almost anyone heal. While it may seem like a form of therapy, it can be very effective.

Many people find woodworking relaxing and good for their overall development. The simple steps involved in woodworking, such as planning, starting and completing a project, can help you achieve better health in many ways. Rob Johnstone shares the inner peace and relaxation that can be found in the meditative practice of sanding. Aside from the stress-reducing properties of the mere presence of wood, the act of woodworking provides many benefits.

People with PTSD and other debilitating mental health problems find woodworking appealing because it makes them feel in control. Walsh generally does not make things to sell, preferring to keep his woodworking as a hobby, not a business. There are many different reasons for choosing woodworking as therapy, and it is important that you know what some of them are, even before you choose your first good scroll saw. Once you are able to do the simpler tasks with ease, you can move on to more complicated woodworking projects to test and improve your planning skills.

Although Walsh has always maintained a love of woodworking, he changed his focus a bit when his two children were younger. There are excellent woodworking classes available online that are therapeutic and give him a deeper sense of purpose. If you are not comfortable using complicated tools, you can start by sanding, finishing or simply painting a woodworking project. Another reason woodworking has become a form of therapy is the sense of purpose it instils in those who practice it.

You can start with a simple woodworking book or a simple online kit, especially if you are intimidated by a professional chainsaw. Having a reliable tape measure for woodworking will help you make accurate cuts with your hand and power tools. In addition to the above reasons why woodworking is good for you, it goes without saying that woodworking is a total body activity that improves your mind and body. Surprisingly, a simple DIY woodworking project can help you plan better, as it requires you to follow a step-by-step process to finish a piece of work.

No matter how stressed you are, an easy-to-do woodworking project will instantly stimulate your mind by diverting your attention away from destructive thoughts.

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